January is such a loooong month (cups head in hands and let's out a big sigh).  It's exactly one month since Christmas and a full 24 days since we woke up declaring a great big long list of ways to better ourselves and quite frankly it would be a good idea if spring could just hurry up.  

Still, we've successfully passed Monday 21st January which was supposed to be the most depressing day of 2019 (and heaven knows it was a thoroughly miserable day in my household) and we're heading, albeit crawling on hands and knees, towards the first payday of the year!  

So let's look towards receiving that pay cheque and in celebration here is our, as Ian Dury and The Blockheads put so elegantly, Reasons to Be Cheerful

Reason 1

When all other sales have finished ours continues!  

It's not a gimmick you know.  When we say that you get up to 50% off the RRP we mean it - yes, all day, every day, every month... you get the idea!  And guess what, occasionally we give you a little bit extra but not everyone, just a chosen few!  To be one of the special ones you have to join us.  Sign up here to be part of the exclusive Khaki Surfer club.

This shirt gives us lots of reasons to be cheerful!

Reason 2

Over 300 new items added weekly!

Since launching our site we have added Big & Tall, Outerwear, and Accessories collections as well continually filling our others with fresh items.  In fact, as quickly as we sell our fabulous clothes we add more for you to browse!  

We're not tied to the typical fashion seasons so we are THE go to in the depths of winter to find that perfect pair of shorts, t-shirt or swimmers for your getaway to a sunny climate (you lucky thing!).  Or, as we ship internationally, and you live in Brazil (you lucky thing!) we can keep your wardrobe full with items right for you!

 Very cheerful swimming short, guaranteed to make you smile!

Reason 3

We stock a large range of sizes!

We celebrate your size and whether you are XS or XXXXL you can shop with us! We cater for you whether you're a front row or fly half, giant or jockey (have a 'round or skinny bottom' as the late, great Ian Dury said) and we've recently made a little tweak to our site so that you can see all items from all brands based on your size.  Check out our 'Shop Size' option from our 'Shop' menu.

So there's 3 reasons. We can think of plenty more, such as hand picking your items  with love and care ready for same day dispatch and next day domestic delivery. We also ship globally (yes anywhere) & promise delivery within 5 working days.  

And as I finish writing this, the sun is streaming through the window warming a very cold morning.  Take pleasure in the small things people, enjoy the moment and have fun spending that first pay cheque of 2019!