Christmas is a time of giving, as we are constantly being told!  Last year when you gave gifts were they loving received or re-gifted almost as soon as the wrapping paper was ripped off?

Make sure that your gifts are the ones that people remember for all of the right reasons.  And by right, we mean good!  Novelty gifts are fun for all of about 5 minutes so why not spend your money wisely and put some thought into your presents.  

"The excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than in its value." Anon

We only sell genuine premium labelled clothing and accessories so what you buy from us will be doubly impressive - no one needs to know that you've bagged a bargain and spent 50% less than the RRP!

Here is our last minute gift guide.

White Christmas Essentials

A crisp white t-shirt is a wardrobe must have! Perfect for layering and looks great under a light-weight jumper or casual shirt.  Whether you opt for a plain T or one with a simple motif we have plenty to choose from and in wide range of sizes.

white t shirt

We also truly believe that a white sneaker should be the go-to footwear.  If you're looking to really impress this Christmas just imagine his face when he unwraps a pair of Paul Smith, Hugo Boss or John Varvatos trainers!

 Hugo Boss White SneakersPaul Smith White Sneakers  John Varvatos White Sneakers


Give a Little Luxury

When you're buying for the man who has everything look to add a little extra to his everyday attire.  If he wears shirts to work buy some cufflinks. If jackets are his thing then spruce them up with a pocket square.  And if he's a hipster-in-training then braces are perfect! 

Pocket Squares

Classic Christmas

If you're really struggling to find that perfect gift then go for a Christmas Classic of hat, gloves and scarf.  Always appreciated and an instant hit when you're dragged out for a 'lovely walk' after eating your own weight in turkey!

There's no need to go for a matching set, choose complimentary colours and textures and in a safe neutral such as grey or black.

Hat and Scarf

Don't Panic, There's Still Time!

Yes, the clock is ticking down but don't let that make you panic buy terrible gifts,  life is way too short to be dealing with returns! Up until Christmas we're offering express shipping Worldwide with orders placed before 2pm will be despatched the same day.  Our last guaranteed UK domestic shipping day is Thursday 20th December so relax (just a little, not too much) you still have time to buy some awesome presents!