We're told that body image is a female concern. There is no debate that a great deal of women feel the way the female form is portrayed, doctored and edited causes gross misconceptions of what is 'normal' and leads to negative body esteem. Take it from me, I'm a woman and I know!

However, this is not solely a female concern.  Traditionally, you men are not ones to talk about the way you look. A 'beer belly' being the object of hilarity and let's not even go there with the bald-head jokes! But what about those of you who take care of your appearance, enjoy cooking as much as eating well thought out meals, work out, own all the male grooming products known to, well, man and yet still are not the clone of David Gandy, Tom Hardy or [insert any man you are 'supposed' to aspire to look like in order to 'look good'].

David Gandy 

The reality is, and here's the spoiler, that just as much as all women are not created equal neither are all men.  Shock, gasp, horror!  Yes, you heard it here, variations in men's body shapes does not mean that a size S man is malnourished any more than an XXL man is fat.  It's just that we all, men and women alike, come in all sorts of different shapes and thank flip for that!

Whilst not always the root eating disorders, there is a long running debate on body dysmorphia stemming from men and women setting unrealistic body goals gleaned from the media and there has been a sharp increase in those needing hospital treatment.  It has been estimated that up to 25% of those hospital admissions are men.

It is clear that something needs to change. The secret to a happy body image is to embrace your body shape, something that has shifted in the female consciousness over the past few years and has, thankfully, started to creep into the male.

Recently there been more and more articles tackling this subject from Fashion Beans to Byrdie to the Metro - the more the better we say. Let's smash this notion that only women can be affected by the way they look and let's encourage men to talk more about...well just talk more.

Identifying your body shape is a great place to start to build confidence in how you look and how to dress. The better you feel on the inside, the better you'll look on the outside and the better you dress, and feel in those clothes, the more confidence you'll have in yourself. The male form can be categorized into 5 different shapes with the range of shapes sometimes referred to as 'Giants to Jockeys'.  We're slightly rugby obsessed so we prefer to call it 'Front Row to Fly Half' with the majority sitting somewhere in the centre.

England Rugby Players

What's Your Shape?

So, this is just a guide, a rough idea to what shape you may fit into and also how best to dress for it.  Remember, we're talking shape not size. It's about setting realistic expectations and working with what your momma gave you.  Remember, if you're long and lean you'll never make a scrum half!

It is also important to keep in mind that we don't believe that one shape is more 'ideal' than another.  This is all about understanding your body shape and dressing to suit it - when you've got that nailed you'll look great, feel great and most importantly stop wasting time and money on clothes that simply don't look right on you.



You're straight up and down with shoulders the same width as your hips. Look to find clothes which help to widen your shoulders such structured jackets (never a double breast though) and layer with jumpers which taper at the waist.


Your hips are wider than your shoulders and your bottom half may look bigger than your top. Choose well fitted clothes, not tight, and layer lighter colours underneath darker neutrals.


Your top and bottom half are balanced with your shoulders just wider than your hips.  Most styles will suit you and you can accessorise with wide belts, different jackets and trouser legs.


As the name suggests you have a rounded shape especially focused at the stomach and typically you will have slim arms and legs.  Choose tops which help to elongate the torso and single-breasted jackets to taper in to the waist whilst also broadening the shoulders. Vertical stripes are your friend as are fitted trousers and darker colours layered with a lighter tone underneath.

Inverted Triangle

This shape is similar to a trapezoid however your waist will be slimmer than your shoulders and you will have narrow hips.  You look great in a Breton stripe and can work a slim leg although steer away from super skinny to avoid looking top heavy.

So, take a look at your shape, and yes there are XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL+ in all shapes but the principles will be the same no matter your size. High quality fashion which is well designed and made transcends sizes and now you have your shape sorted it's time to get shopping.

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On a more serious note, if you do need help which goes beyond which tailored trousers are the best for you there are some excellent groups to turn to and The Calmzone is a great place to start.