Yep, Valentine's Day is almost here again.  It's on the same day every year and yet somehow it's slipped your mind....again!

Here's our quick guide to acting like you'd planned the day last year (as you had indeed promised yourself that you would) and ensure that you earn some brownie points from your loved one.

Gifts For Him

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Valentines Gifts

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Jar of Favours

Present your lover with a jar - think rustic jam or kilner jar, just make sure that you wash the last bits of strawberry preserve out and the label is removed!  Pop lots of notes into the jar with favours on that you can do for each other - we'll leave the details up to you, but don't forget those chores which you'd like to get done around the house and include 'load the dishwasher for 1 week' amongst them!

Valentines Jar of Favours

Each take turns picking a few from the jar.  Whatever you pick is yours to action!  Enjoy!


What could be more romantic than a picnic with your beau or belle?  If the sun is shining take a blanket and cushions and snuggle up on a bench with a lunch of your favourite snacks.  

If the weather is less than desirable, why not move the picnic to the bedroom and cosy on down under the duvet, let's face it it's where you'd rather be!  Just don't get crumbs in the bed!


Nothing says 'I Love You' more than flowers.  The traditional 12 red rose bouquet symbolises year round love and passion yet petrol station flowers say nothing more than 'I forgot'.  Don't be that person racing up to the flower shop at 5.29 buying the Valentine's Day cactus.  Not that there's anything wrong with these amazing plants, it's just that they're a little spiky which is what the reception will be if this is not their idea of a great gift!

If your budget can't stretch to the dozen red roses then consider a lovely posy of spring flowers, fragrant and colourful.  Whatever you choose make sure that you order them now!

If this year sees you without a date don't panic, it's just one day in the whole year and let's be honest, dinner out will be cheaper by the weekend! Get together with friends and celebrate the love of your friendship or if you're with your children make a special meal and take time to talk, enjoying their undivided company.  

And well, if you are wooing that special someone, we hope that you have a lovely, romantic Valentine's Day and wake up on Friday with a spring in your step!